Myinstantoffer Lending Club: Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Company lending club offers loans for a standard duration where amounts can range to the maximum of $40000.

Whether you need money for your child’s education or you need money to start a new business, or to buy a new house, in any case, you need a considerable amount of money.

You need to finance money if you don’t have it now and when it comes to financing, the easiest financing option is to secure a loan through Lending Club.

Lending club purchases loan from the financial institution; hence, works in the secondary market. WeBank grants the loan amount to us, which is a customized and insured industrial bank.

The applications at myinstantoffer lending club are processed depending on the applicant’s credit scores, past credits, loan tenure, and the loan amount.

Why use Lending Club?

Borrowing money from banks and other financial institutions requires you to meet specific eligibility criteria, which may prove to be a disadvantage.

Even if you get the loan sanctioned, there are some anomalies that you may experience such as inflexible conditions, strenuous repayment, variable payment amounts, the full amount not granted, etc.

However, at club, we can help you get through this dilemma by offering more massive loans for lower interest rates.

Some of the benefits of taking a loan from Lending Club are:

  • Flexibility

In case, if you are in urgent need of funds, lending club is willing to provide you with the desired amount within a short period, given you meet the required criteria. 

  • Transparency is committed to providing all the necessary information about its services, how it works, and about its past loans among others. It remains transparent throughout your association with it. 

  • Confidentiality ensures that the personal data of all the borrowers are kept confidential. We don’t sell or distribute personal data of our users. You can rest assured that your personal data is safe with us.

How lending club Functions?

As a borrower, you need to provide your information to LendingClub. From your credit history to income, loan requirement, financial history, loan repayment capability, and credit score among others. reviews your application. Based on the information provided, Lending Club will allot you a credit grade based on which you will have to handle the loan further. That is, your credit grade will define:

  • At what interest rate you will repay the loan
  • What will be your loan tenure

If you are eligible for a loan, your application will be processed within minutes, and you will be provided with different loan options.

You will have to repay the loan within 3-5 years based on your loan amount. We work similar to any physical financial institution, but the only difference is that we are flexible and charge lower interest rates.

If you want to access the loan listings, you can just visit our website Here you can browse different loans based on your requirements, interest rates, repayments, and other factors.

Once your loan is sanctioned, you will have to pay monthly installments where the lender will earn monthly interest.

Taking loan at club

If you are planning to take a loan through, you first need to consider the following aspects.

  • Offers

You can browse through all the proposals we are providing so that you can get the best loan terms and payment options. You can look for the most convenient lender offering cheapest rates.

This will not only save you money and time but the complexities attached with taking loans as well.  

  • Rules and regulations

When you are browsing the lenders offering decent rates, you must consider their terms and conditions of lending money.

You must know the minimum and maximum loan tenures for the loan offered by the lender. Moreover, you should research the legal bindings before signing the contract.

Most importantly, you must mention the Annual Percentage Rate. 

  • Loan processing time has lenders that offer instant loans to individuals who are in need of quick cash. So you must browse through the lenders and determine which one is willing to provide you with the loan within a specified period.

Things to consider if you are an investor

If you are an investor and want to invest in, specific prerequisites must be met. In individual states in the US, the minimum income of $70,000 is required to invest in Lending Club.

It can be higher in other states. Moreover, if your net worth is more than $250,000, your application will be rejected by club.

And your maximum investment must not exceed 10% of your net worth. The minimum amount you can invest is $25.


If you are looking for a quick loan at low-interest rate, lending club can help you. We are a peer-to-peer lending company who offers quick loans to the borrowers.

We also offer an investment platform for investors with guaranteed returns.